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Welcome to Violeta Lucce experience of fine art masterpieces hand-painted on the most luxurious silk and draped over your body-transforming you into WALKING ART.

Imagine wearing an ORIGINAL PAINTING that is one in the entire world signed by the artist.

It is not a mass-produced synthetic piece that pollutes our Planet Earth...

You are the owner of fine art couture that can also become an interior design detail appreciating within time just like famous paintings do

and be given from generation to generation.

Violeta Lucce masterpieces have been showcased on the world stages from Prince Albert of Monaco to world-renowned galleries and museums,

to movie premieres and celebrities walking the red carpet at Venice International Film Festival.

Hand-painted silk becomes alive, a little piece of nature on a human’s body, reminding us that we are all connected, and we are responsible.


It takes 100 - 400 hours to create one masterpiece and it is an experience that goes beyond imagination.

Violeta Lucce brand invokes exclusivity and prestige while transforming YOU into a FINE ART MASTERPIECE creating


"A Spectacle for your Eyes and Inspiration for your Soul"


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Art Couture Collection

Is sophisticated, elegant and is the highest creation of haute couture.


Resort Wear Collection

Is feminine, stunning and fashionable, ready for your next exotic getaway.


Bridal Couture Collection

Is bespoke, exquisite and created for an extraordinary Bride who dares to be unique.


Children's Couture Collection

Is adorable and one of a kind, offering cutest hand-painted dresses and shirts for your little ones. Can be custom created for any occasion.

Klimt for the cover photo.jpg

Masterpiece Collection

Violeta Lucce masterpiece collection hand-painted on silk and signed by the artist. 


Hand-Painted Silk Masks

Breathable, beautiful and one of a kind silk masks hand-painted on silk are hypoallergenic and fashionable.


Hand-Painted Silk Ties and Pocket Squares

Dress to impress with our hand-painted silk ties and pocket squares for men. Made by a European Master, these accessories are a true work of art. And if you want to add a personal touch, we can even add his initials to make it uniquely yours.


Paintings on Silk

Transform your walls with  uplifting, inspirational
and living fine art that is original and signed by the artist.

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