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Welcome to Violeta Lucce experience of Fine Art Masterpieces hand-painted on the most luxurious silk and draped over YOUR body-transforming YOU into WALKING ART.

Imagine, wearing an ORIGINAL PAINTING that is one in the entire world signed by the artist. It is not a print… it is not a mass-produced piece that pollutes our Planet Earth... You are the owner of fine art couture that can also become an interior design detail appreciating within time just like famous paintings do and be given from generation to generation.

We are two sisters from a small Eastern European country - Lithuania who followed our passion and our dream to combine fine art, feminine energy, and haute couture to elevate you into a whole new dimension where your extraordinary uniqueness and beauty are visible to the world.

We have been featured in over four hundred major media outlets. Violeta Lucce masterpieces were showcased on the World Stages from Prince Albert of Monaco to world-renowned galleries and museums, to galas and movie premieres.

Hand-painted silk becomes a walking art, a piece of nature on a human’s body, reminding us that we are all connected and we are responsible.


It takes 100 - 400 hrs to create one masterpiece and it is an experience that goes beyond the imagination. Violeta Lucce brand invokes exclusivity and prestige while transforming YOU into a FINE ART MASTERPIECE.

We are celebrating a woman and her feminine energy through the uniqueness and grace of an original artwork draped over her body  creating 


"A Spectacle for your Eyes and Inspiration for your Soul"



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