The newest collection masterpieces consist of copies of world's famous masters, such as Renoir, Vermeer, Gustav Klimt recreated on silk in an art couture form as well as Violeta Lucce own masterpieces. This is one of them called "Abundance". We live in an abundant Universe that is providing us with the infinite amount of abundance and anything we desire if we only understand and are ready to receive. This work of art represents plentifullness, class, sophistication, luxury, royalty and feminine energy. It has lots of shimmery gold and cream color and flows gracefully on your body while sitting as a statue.

Wearing this fine art masterpiece you will make a statement anywhere in the world. This is an original painting that can be draped over your body or become an interior design detail. Signed by the artist and is one in the entire world piece of art that took 320 hours to create. 

It is one size that fits S and M. The photos suggest how to wear this work of art, either with gold tights or jeans. It can also be worn on a gold jumpsuit or a gold long dress for a gala.


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  • Gentle Dry Clean Only