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Everything is balanced in nature, and every element is a part of a larger element. This work of art reflects all the elements of nature vibrating together into one beautiful symphony: the raindrop, the butterfly, the blossoming flower, the falling leaf… You can feel the energy of nature when you wear this work of art.


Not only silk has its own energy, but the energy of the painting comes into the equation. Silk is the only medium that is live, ecofriendly, and dries out quickly in the wind. It is natural and feels soft on your skin. When you are wearing Violeta Lucce work of art, you are contributing to green fashion that does not pollute our oceans and planet Earth. 


One of a kind and signed by European Master on Silk, Violeta Lucce.


99 hours of work.


SKU: 008
  • This dress can be hand washed or drycleaned. This is a 100% silk. If you choosed to hand wash the dress, please wash it in cold water and you can steam it or hot iron it from the inside where there is no paint. 

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