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"Bleau, I dream that you smile again" is the synopsis of the book. Ocean Bleau shows Lukas what happens when people use huge amounts of plastic that end up in the oceans every day. "Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. This has to STOP".


The idea of this book was born while picking up plastic washed ashore on the beach in Miami. Lukas is the real character who walks with a big white trash bag and picks up plastic forks, cups, plastic lids, fisherman's nets and much more. When people see a

3-year-old doing something good for the Planet, some help, some follow, some become aware, some will never throw anything in the water or on the beach again. This book is hand-drawn by Violeta Lucce and is filled with real facts to spread awareness about plastic waste and it's consequences. 

The first copy of the book was signed and gifted to Prince Albert II de Monaco. His words were: "I wish more people are doing what you do. Thank you for all that you do".


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