Custom order. It all starts with the white blank silk that we have to dye the color you desire. Then it has to dry, then we create a painting you desire, then we have to design it to fit your face, because silk is not plastic or polyester that stretches and fits any face. Silk requires very intricate handling and sowing and measuring every single inch. The reason we use 100% natural charmeuse silk is that you can breath easily, it feels very soft.

After all this process is done, we sow your silk mask and after that we have to fix the colors and the painting with the heat. After 3 days of work, your mask is ready to be shipped. It takes 3 days to create your beautiful work of art that enhances your natural beauty and replaces the disposable plastic shield. This specific piece can be worn as a shawl, on your hair and become a beautiful accessory when this is all over. It still comes with a nose wire so you feel comfortable to wear it as a mask. For this price, you get a mask and a hand-painted silk shawl in one. It can be hand-washed.


SKU: 081
  • Hand-wash and steam or hot iron from the inside with no painting.

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