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For jetting off to Miami or the South of France, dress the part in luxurious resort wear created and signed by European Master on Silk, Violeta Lucce.


This work of art is bright, feminine and flowy and can be worn many unique ways. It is created on most luxurious charmeuse silk and is one size.


Orange butterfly is a symbol of imagination and creativity. Orange butterflies are a powerful symbol of transformative energy, representing warmth, radiance, and passion. But they represent so much more than that. These creatures teach us about intense emotions while also leaving us in awe. Just like humans, butterflies are unique beings with distinct characteristics. Their genetic information is responsible for their exquisite colors, as well as their sizes, shapes, and other defining traits. It's amazing to think that every butterfly's appearance is determined by their genes!





  • Gentle dry clean ir hand-wash.

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