Newest collection masterpiece called " Goddess". Truly meaningful and powerful piece of fine art on your floating on your body. "Goddess" means that I am in charge of my own destiny, I can create miracles, I can attract abundance, I can contribute to the world, I can help others, I can make a difference. This is all in the power of the Queen and the connection with the Universe. Beautiful masterpiece with dark chocolate 3D wedges, a deep purple color orchid in her hand. Look at the details of her fingers, everything is created to perfection by European Master on Silk. Signed. Created on most luxurious chocolate brown charmeuse silk. It can be worn many different ways, on a long gold or dark brown dress, on the jeans, on a short tight dress. It is one size that fits S and M. It took 75 hours to create this work of art.


SKU: 012
  • This silk accessory can be drycleaned. This is a luxurious charmeuse silk.