Beautiful hand-painted white magnolias are true symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness. They reflect and emphasize the purity and nobility. Such a delicate flower and such a deep meaning behind it. All of this is transfered onto the 100% chiffon silk and transformed into a luxurious art couture. This work of art is flowy, feminine and bespoke, signed by European Master on Silk, Violeta Lucce. It can be worn as a swimming suite cover up, as a dress, as a flowy work of art on a body suite, jeans, white pants, white dress and etc. This piece is semi sheer. It fits small and medium.


SKU: 002
  • This dress can be hand washed or drycleaned. This is a 100% silk. If you choosed to hand wash the dress, please wash it in cold water and you can steam it or hot iron it from the inside where there is no paint.