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Step into the nature and embody its beauty with Violeta Lucce's hand-painted silk couture. White magnolias symbolize grace and softness, reflecting the essence of purity. This gentle flower carries a powerful message of honor, spirituality, and tranquility. Painted by hand on luxurious silk, this wearable art piece transforms you into a harmonious blend with nature's symphony.

Silk is an eco-friendly fabric that reflects the beauty of nature when hand-painted. Its resilience, quick-drying properties, and luxurious texture make it a premium choice. Wearing a Violeta Lucce garment crafted from silk is not only a testament to luxury and sophistication but also a contribution to sustainable fashion that doesn't harm our oceans or the planet.


One of a kind and signed by European Master on Silk, Violeta Lucce.

95 hours of work.


SKU: 002
  • This dress can be hand washed or drycleaned. This is a 100% silk. If you choosed to hand wash the dress, please wash it in cold water and you can steam it or hot iron it from the inside where there is no paint. 

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