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True masterpiece in a dress. The top is created felting one by one merino wool fibers into an orchid and the rest of the dress is created from two meaningful paintings. One of them is called "Word" and another is called "Manifest".


This art couture piece took 106 hours to create. Absolutely stunning piece of art with an additional undergarment silk attached so it is not see through. It has a ring on the bottom of the skirt to hold the paintings and the shape.


"WORD" - Impassioned brushstrokes creatively encapsulate a unique artistic vision in "WORD" filled with luminescent positive energy as it radiates a personal expressive artistic viewpoint. Since we create our reality with our words, one word is incredibly powerful and so with this painting Artist wants to inspire people to create beauty with their words, to spread love and not to forget to smile at a stranger... so we can all live in a better world.


"MANIFEST" - A human being is such a POWERFUL being who can manifest anything his mind can believe. This painting truly reflects that moment when we are able to create miracles in our lives and manifest what we truly believe.


SKU: 041
  • Gentle Dry Clean

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