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Behold the breathtaking art of Violeta Lucce, where fashion meets fine art! This luxurious silk dress is a stroke of genius, painted by a European Master on Silk. The rare blue butterflies and cactus flower make it a true standout.

The cactus flower, known as the "Queen of the Night," is an elusive beauty that graces us with its presence only once a year, for a single night. Its breathtaking aroma and intricate artistry are nothing short of a miracle.

And let's not forget about the blue butterfly, a symbol of life, joy, high energy, and transformation. Legend has it that spotting one can fulfill your deepest desires and bring good luck your way!

This one-of-a-kind piece is the result of 250 hours of pure creation, and is signed by the magnificent Violeta Lucce herself. Get ready to turn heads in this wearable work of art!


SKU: 082
  • Gentle Dry Clean.

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