Violeta Lucce

Welcome to Violeta Lucce Art Couture Gallery

where the world of Fine Art and Haute Couture is fused together

to create extraordinary masterpieces

that can be draped over your body shifting your spirit into true magnificence.

Our Bespoke Art Couture is one of a kind, timeless and each work of art is signed 

by European Master on Silk.

Each Violeta Lucce Masterpiece is an expression of Universal Intelligence through art that becomes

astonishing Art Couture.

Every painting is a museum quality fine-art that flows, that is never still, that is sensual,

original, sophisticated, has a soul and tells a story through the inner eye of One, connecting to all life force.

It is like looking through the magnifying glass in nature where we zoom into the details: a butterfly’s wing, a raindrop,

a blossoming flower, a crashing wave, the depth of an eye, the depth of the ocean.

Through the inner eye of One, we capture the most harmonic emotions of life through vivid colors, sophistication, and sensuality of flowing styles.

Hand-painted silk becomes a walking art, a piece of nature on a human’s body,

reminding that we are all connected and we are responsible. 

It takes 100 - 400 hrs to create one masterpiece

and it is an experience that goes beyond your imagination.

When we custom create your couture garment, we look into your eyes, we see your soul,

your personality, skin tone, hair color, your style and we create a work of art that reflects your beautiful being. 

Being our client you will stand out from the crowd and will never run into a friend with a similar dress

and get discussed who wears it better.


Violeta Lucce art couture garments are exclusive, expensive and very rare. 

Our brand invokes exclusivity and prestige while

 transforming YOU into a FINE ART MASTERPIECE.

We are celebrating the Woman through the uniqueness and grace of original artwork

draped over your body truly creating

"A Spectacle for your Eyes and Inspiration for your Soul".

Miami, FL      305-515-0445



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