We have created Violeta Lucce Foundation, Inc. in order to create awareness and eliminate plastic pollution in the Oceans.

Throughout the years we donated many original hand-painted art couture masterpieces, paintings on silk, fashion shows and art exhibitions to support other charities and their initiatives.

Today, we published our own children's book which tells a story about a little boy Lukas and his pure friendship with Ocean Bleau.

"Bleau, I dream that you smile again" is the synopsis of the book. Ocean Bleau shows Lukas what happens when people use huge amounts of plastic that end up in the oceans every day. "Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. This has to STOP".


The idea of this book was born while picking up plastic washed ashore on the beach in Miami. Lukas is the real character who walks with a big white trash bag and picks up plastic forks, cups, plastic lids, fisherman's nets and much more. When people see a

3-year-old doing something good for the Planet, some help, some follow, some become aware, some will never throw anything in the water or on the beach again. This book is hand-drawn by Violeta Lucce and is filled with real facts to spread awareness about plastic waste.

The first copy of the book was signed and gifted to Prince Albert II de Monaco. 

"An eternal source of wonder and awe, the world’s oceans hold the key to all life on Earth, covering 70 percent of the planet, having produced in the course of history half of the world’s oxygen and supplying protein for four in every ten of the world’s people. Put simply, we can’t survive, any of us, without healthy oceans”.

                                              Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation. 

By purchasing this book you are making a difference. First - you are becoming aware and educating your children and second, you are contributing to a cleaner and more beautiful Planet Earth. 50% of the profit of each book goes to clean the plastic in the oceans.

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